Interior Design

HSB takes a different, comprehensive approach towards programming by organizing 'programming sessions' with the client's company to ensure that input from each specific department is considered. As a result, dynamic spaces are created that please the company as a whole. Individuals, specific departments, and the company as an entity is able to take ownership in the layout and functionality of their environment. Creating a detailed program means not only assigning numbers to areas/departments, but also how your teams interact, collaborate, and relate to one another.


Finish Selections:
Your space is more than just a 2-dimensional floor plan. At HSB we pride ourselves on being able to transform a raw space into its truest potential. Our Interior Design department has entire rooms dedicated to displaying the seemingly endless possibilities with how you are able to finish your space. With years of experience, our Interior Designers lend their expert advice and design savvy to ensure that your space reflects your values, mood, style, desired atmosphere and!

Furniture Specifications: 
In addition to finishes, furniture can have an equally significant impact on your space. Our Interior Designers have constant and direct contact with furniture suppliers, vendors, and designers all over the nation. Whether it's for an exciting client experience, or practical office use, HSB ensures that the furniture we select is on budget, on time, and on point with your design and functional needs.

Branding and Graphics:
We know that every company has a particular mindset or set of values instilled in its employees and business practice; so let it be known! At HSB we love to help our clients define and tweak their Brand, as well as help implement it and make it a reality. We have multiple employees with a special knack for graphic design, and always strive to include it in our designs. But don't feel like you have to be renovating an entire space in order to capitalize on our branding/graphics efforts. HSB is also well versed in establishing marketing brochures, pamphlets, images, graphics, etc. for your public image boost!

While sometimes seen as an afterthought by others, artwork and accessories throughout a client's space can help improve the quality of life and experience for its users. HSB is in touch with many local artists and is also capable of producing and/or selecting the most poignant visuals for your space.

BOMA Calculations:
We at HSB realize that a space is not only just about the aesthetics, but also about providing the most effective and economical space for our clients. That is why we use our expertise in space-planning and building/tenant space selection to ensure that the optimal amount of rentable square footage (RSF) and usable square footage (USF) is achieved. HSB's team members are all familiar with the standards set forth by BOMA and are more than happy to work with our clients to discuss, or event present, what the best options are.